Redefining Aircraft Sales



There are many reasons why you may decide to put your aircraft up for sale. But regardless of your motivation, when you partner with us, our 50 years of combined experience and more than $100m of aircraft sold goes to work for you. We work closely with you to understand your objectives as one client may need to minimize holding costs and time-on-market, while the other may need to maximize selling price regardless of time. As such, we provide a tailored and complete solution when selling your aircraft.

Why Jet Agency?
Our revolutionary and multidimensional approach guarantees to make the transaction a success.

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    Every client has different needs. One client may need to minimize holding costs and time-on-market, while the other may need to maximize selling price regardless of holding time. In other cases clients wishes to avoid publicity. All of this requires highly experienced professionals to manage the sales process.

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    Asset Evaluation

    Many things affect aircraft sales price and understanding the unique details of your aircraft is paramount. Attention to detail is key to set your aircraft apart from our competition.

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    Market Research

    To establish a fair asking price for your aircraft, we provide a market evaluation, including Blue Book/Vref analysis, market trends and competitive review.

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    We develop an accurate and detailed aircraft brochure and obtain up-to-date photos, video, and virtual tour to best represent the aircraft.

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    Off-Market Launch

    We have a proprietary network of brokers, bankers, members of various associations, and other personal contacts developed over years of working in the industry. Of course, every situation and every aircraft is different, but we find that as much as 35% of the time, we find a buyer during this step, without ever publicly advertising the aircraft on a public website or classified service.

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    On-Market Launch

    If the aircraft does not sell within the ‘off-market’ launch, and our client’s situation does not preclude advertising the aircraft publicly, we have many options for extending visibility. Depending on our choice of a narrow or wide range of visibility, the options may include our website, the JetNet Aviation Market Intelligence service; the AmStat, Business Aviation Aircraft Market resource; the Aircraft Post; the Aircraft Shopper Online (ASO); Controller Magazine, social media outlets such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google Plus, and Aviation Broadcast email broadcast service.

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    Our ongoing resale advertising efforts inform prospective buyers about your aircraft and generate responses from around the world.

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    Our responses to prospective buyers are handled in a timely and professional manner 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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    Offer & Negotiation

    Again, we’re on your side. As your partner, we’ll help define a reasonable selling price and negotiate on your behalf.

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    Documentation & Closing

    It’s not done until the last “i” is dotted and “t” crossed with the FAA, title companies, finance divisions and associated parties.